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Optifast VLCD has a team of expert Healthcare Professionals ready to answer your questions on health, nutrition, and diet. Contact the team to see if the Optifast VLCD Program is suitable for you.


TOll free: 8008-971971


TOll free: 8008-971971

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What is Optifast Diet?

Optifast VLCD is a very low calorie diet that is scientifically formulated for the dietary management of obesity. The Optifast VLCD products are not drugs, they are carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and high quality protein, with all micronutrients required to maintain a healthy body.

Who is suitable to start Optifast?

Optifast VLCD is suitable for;

  • individuals with a BMI greater than 30, or a BMI greater than 27+ risk factors, poor mobility or a need for weight reduction prior to surgery
  • Need to improve an obesity-related medical condition, such as diabetes
  • Want to break food habits that are inhibiting them from losing weight
  • Have struggled with making sustainable lifestyle modifications
  • Have been unable to achieve sufficient weight loss through their current dietary management
  • Have been dieting unsuccessfully for many years

What are Optifast Products and flavors?

  • Shakes (Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry)
  • Dessert (Chocolate & Lemon Cream)
  • Bars (Berry Crunchy & Cappuccino)
  • Soup (Tomato & Chicken)

Where can I purchase Optifast?

You can find a store closest to you here

How much water do I need to drink?

You need to consume a minimum of 2 liters per day to ensure a nutritionally balanced diet. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and help you during the weight loss journey especially as your body starts to lose weight.

Is coffee allowed while following the Optifast Program?

Yes, you can drink non-caloric liquids. Find out here the additional foods you can consume during each phase of Optifast® VLCD™.

Can I chew calorie-free gum during the program?

Yes, you can chew sugar free gum.

Will I need vitamin supplements while using Optifast?

No, Optifast VLCD is formulated to support all your needs from Macro & Micro nutrients as per the RDI (Recommended Daily Intake)

Can I skip meals during the program?

Optifast works by using your fat stores as source of Energy. In the first 3-5 days, this will cause Ketosis which may make you feel fatigue. Optifast meals are important to ensure you have the required balanced Micro & Macro nutrients as essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins

At what age can I use the Optifast program?

Optifast VLCD can be used from the age of 18 years, providing you have a BMI greater than 30 or 27+ risk factors. Find out more on these risk factors here.

How much weight will I lose?

During the Intensive phase of the Optifast VLCD Program, on average men lose 1.5-2.5kg per week and women lose 1-2kg per week. With medical supervision, weight loss of around 15-20kg may be experienced over a 12-week period. It is common to see a larger amount of weight loss in the first week of the program. The weight loss in the second week will give you an idea of what to expect ongoing.

I don’t want to lose weight, is there any negative impact if I consume Optifast product?

No, Optifast VLCD is not a drug, it is a Very Low Calorie Diet, accordingly there are no negative impact of using the product.

Is optifast product Halal?

Yes, all the ingredients that are used in NESTLÉ® products intended to the Middle East market are HALAL and in conformity with the international legislation and local food regulations that are enforced in these Muslim countries.

How do I manage my new weight when I reach my target?

Optifast VLCD is not only a meal replacement, it is a full program that will guide you with behavioral changes for adapting to your new and healthier lifestyle. You can maintain your weight by setting a weight limit. If you reach this limit, you go back to intensive phase. Alternatively, you can use OPTIFAST products regularly to maintain your weight. Patients who continue to use weight maintenance programs have a greater chance of keeping weight off than those patients who do not continue using weight maintenance programs.

Do you recommend exercise with Optifast Plan?

We do not only recommend exercise but it’s an integral part of the program even with minimal of 130 minutes walk.

I am a Muslim, how can I continue on the program during Ramadan?

Optifast VLCD products provide all nutritional requirements during the day. If you are on the Intensive phase, you can use 3 meals plus the vegetables after breaking your fasting. For other phases, Optifast can be used to break your fasting or as sohour meal.

Can people with high blood pressure use Optifast Program for weight loss?

Yes, however for any comorbid disease accompanied by obesity we recommend following up with your HealthCare professional as your medication will vary with your weight loss achieved.

What is the advice for someone with a history of constipation, and could using a very low-calorie diet cause constipation?

Optifast can cause minor constipation in the first few days, however it will be resolved. Optifast contains fiber and with proper water intake, possibility of constipation is low.

What is ketosis and is it harmful?

It’s not harmful, it’s natural mechanism that will help decease your craving for food and increase your feeling of satiety. Find our more here.

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