• Phase 1 Intensive
  • Phase 2 Transition
  • Phase 3 Maintenance
  • Phase 4 Stabilisation

Intensive Phase

Designed for rapid, initial, effective weight loss, this ketosis-inducing phase can last up to 12 weeks. If, after 12 weeks, you still have significant weight to lose, follow the Transition Phase for a minimum of 2 weeks before repeating the Intensive Phase. Seek advice from a healthcare professional if you want to stay in this phase longer.

Transition Phase

This phase allows you to replace one OPTIFAST® meal with a regular one, cooked using a choice of healthy recipes.

Maintenance Phase

During this phase, you only need to eat one OPTIFAST® meal a day, with two meals being regular ones, cooked using a choice of healthy recipes.

Stabilisation Phase

During this phase, you no longer need OPTIFAST® meals! Here you will learn to maintain your healthier lifestyle and monitor and adjust your meal plan for long-term weight management.

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