Optifast Program

Optifast Program

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How to Lose Weight in A Healthy Way?

Are you overweight and feel like it is impossible to reach your ideal weight? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Statistics provided by the World Health Organization confirm that the rate of obesity among adults in the Middle East has nearly tripled since 1975, and that many Arab countries rank high in...

Shopping Smart

Grocers know that most purchasing decisions are made in the store. We are tempted by strategically- placed impulse-items and “specials” on the endcaps. These store strategies can make grocery shopping a challenge when you’re trying to manage your weight. Developing smart shopping skills can help you...

Lifestyle Change

Making lifestyle changes to support your long-term goal of a healthier life takes both courage and commitment. At times you might even feel like a salmon swimming upstream, especially when people around you seem to be eating whatever they want and spending lots of time watching TV or playing video g...


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