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Optifast Program

Optifast Program

Our science-based solution keeps your wellbeing top of mind, giving you the ultimate control over your weight loss 

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Travelers’ Guide to Healthy Eating and Activity

“Three weeks into the maintenance program, I received a promotion to a job that required two weeks of travel per month. With a new job, a new body, and new-found confidence, I was ready to hit the road. Despite my best intentions, after one month of travel I found myself gaining weight. When I got o...

Changing Your Lifestyle Activity

Long term weight management involves making changes not only in our dietary choices but also in the ways we expend energy. We all know we should move more, but structured exercise such as gym workouts are not the only way to get the physical activity we need. To understand how we can burn more energ...

Eating to Ease Stress

What does each of these situations have in common? 1. Sue has an argument with her best friend. She munches on brownies directly from the pan until her anxiety eases up. 2. Justin is behind on an important project at work and he’s having trouble concentrating. He heads to the break room to see wha...


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